4 Trending Residential Renovation Ideas

Home renovation is a big decision. It can be intimidating, especially if one is unfamiliar with the process, but it’s also exciting to think about what to do with the available space. It is undoubtedly a scary endeavour. Individuals without such expertise rely on professionals offering home renovations. These professionals are highly qualified and have years of industry experience. Thus, this article will shed light on some of the most popular trends in residential renovations and their commonalities. People looking for inspiration to modify their homes can also go through this article to find ideas.

Smart Homes

  • Smart homes are residences with built-in technology that allows users to control lights, thermostats and other devices from their smartphones and other devices.
  • Smart homes can also get equipped with sensors that detect motion, temperature and other factors.

Home Automation

  • Home automation is the use of technology to control one’s home.
  • People can use sensors to detect motion, sound, and light.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices can also get used for home automation. A good example would be Alexa or Google Home speakers connected to Wi-Fi networks. Individuals can control them with voice commands through an app on their phone or computer.

They’re also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, so one can ask about the temperature inside of the house just by saying “Alexa” followed by a question such as “How cold is it in here?” 

Home Security

  • Home security systems are a great way to protect one’s home and family. There are many different types of home security systems. Most of them can get installed by experts providing home renovations.
  • Many homeowners opt for security systems that let them monitor their property remotely, making it easier to keep tabs on their homes while they’re away from home or at work during the day.
  • These systems often come with a monthly fee, so research is critical before selecting the appropriate one.


An easy way to give one’s bathroom a facelift is simply by installing new hardware. One can add a decorative element, such as an oversized mirror or wall art. Individuals wanting to make a bold statement can consider painting their walls in a bold hue like orange or red. For those more conservative and who prefer something more subtle, white is always an option—especially if they want to keep things clean-lined and minimalistic.

Geometric Design

The geometric design is a popular style of design based on geometric shapes. Geometric shapes are the basis of many ideas. They can get used in many different ways. This type of design is popular because it blends well with classic and modern styles.

The most common geometric designs are circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons and octagons. These shapes are often combined with other elements, such as colour or texture, to create a unique look that fits the individual’s specific tastes or needs. For example, one may want a light-coloured geometric pattern for their kitchen but darker colours for their living room curtains.

Residential renovation ideas have been changing dramatically over the years. An array of features can get incorporated into one’s home to make it more convenient and secure, ranging from smart homes to home automation. Home security has also evolved significantly with systems that can detect intruders and even alert them when someone enters their property without permission. Bathrooms have also undergone some changes with designs that focus on minimalism. Thus, these trends allow interested individuals to keep their houses at the top conditions today.


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